Ground water in India

As per a report of Central Ground water Authority, 50% water and 80% drinking water is taken through 30 lacs hand pumps and pumping resources in rural India. In the absence of river-canal water, ground water is taken through tube wells and water is not only used in excess but also wasted in bulk due to ignorance of value and scarcity of water. Only in Haryana, more than 6 lacs tube wells are working. The Haryana, government has declared the electric connections to be provided to one lac tube wells in near future. The ground water level is decreasing and it approximates one meter lower in every five years. In the State of Haryana, out of 119 zones, over 50% are in dark-zone i.e. in dangerous position while position in other zones is very critical. Paddy crop is one of the reasons as it consumes too much water. The area of Paddy crop has increased more than 10 times during the last four decades. The ground water level has decreased more in the area where Paddy is being cropped. Environmental report of United Nations states that most of the cities are also depending on ground water.
The cultivation of tobacco also requires more and more water. There is no benefit of tobacco or its byproducts in any way to human beings. Rather every such product is harmful for the health. In the same way, production of Sugar-cane also needs plenty of water while ultimately sugar is harmful for health. It creates fatness and then other diseases. The public should decide not to use tobacco at all and to reduce utilization of sugar. Government should restrict its production. Decreasing ground water level makes the holes under the land which results cyclones, demolition of buildings etc. and millions bear unbearable loss.
To clean up the meat, thousand millions liter water is used only in the USA. To get more meat, they first provide more and more food to cows and pigs causing great loss of food grains and then plenty of water in cleanliness of meat. In India, too, thousand millions liter water is wasted in slaughter houses every year.
The scarcity of water is increasing day by day. It prevails more in cities and metro cities. To control the wastage and proper use of water, Delhi Govt. stopped the free supply of water from January 2010 and enhanced the charges thrice than earlier. Prior to it , 6000 liter water was being supplied free of cost to every house. Mumbai declared 30% cut in water supply in Oct.-Nov 2009 and this cut is increased as and when it thinks necessary. The position in other States is also very critical. The consumption of water is increased several times in comparison to 1950 and it will be 40-50% more than the present consumption in the coming two decades. It can be solved by collection and conservation of rain water and Water Harvesting System, Water Recharging and Water Recycling System should be adopted. To ignore the future problem by the public and government is a serious matter and deserves serious attention by both the government and the people.
Special Water loss means money loss.
Leakage of water encourages leakage of wealth towards outside.
Leakage of water in toilet encourages theft and litigations.
Leakage of water in south side affects badly to health.
Wastage of water in kitchen invites mental and physical deaseses.
Use minimum water in cleanliness. By this, wealth incoming continues.
By water saving, you worship diety Varun automatically, known as JAL Devta.