How we waste water

How we waste water in routine. This life saving valuable item is being wasted from morning to night till we sleep. The ways, we waste water can be different from man to man, place to place etc. but followings are some common one:-
1. Coming out from toilet, we in routine stop down the tap after fully washing the hands while at the time when we use soap and rinse hands, no water is required, but water continuously flows from the tap and that is water wastage, we should stop it and shut the tap when no water is required.
2. Some persons don't shut the tap after getting wet the brush at the time to paste or shaving in the morning and water continuously flows in the basin and hence within the time of brushing the teeth or shaving the face, we waste several litters water daily. We can use mug for this work and can save water.
3. In bathroom, several times, we did not care overflow of water from the bucket when we use soap or rinsing body and by that 100-200 litters water is over flown rather more than that we use in bathing. If we care and shut the tape closed, wastage can be curbed.
4. Cooler requires 50-60 litters water at a time to be full but in routine our family members forget to shut the tap and water flows in sewerage in bulk quantity which can be hundreds litters at a time. There should be balloon fitted to stop automatic water supply not to waste water.
5. The water tap continuously blows even when utensils are being washed. In between the process, when we are rinsing them no water is required and at that time tap should not be open. It may be sink or tub, we should be careful to save water.
6. Too much more water is consumed, if we rinse cloths direct in wasting machine, than using and rinsing in tub or buckets. Production of such machines, being cause of water wastage, should be banned.
7. Almost in all houses, electric motor is used to fill up the water tank, but even after fulfilling the tank, not only motor remains running on but water is also wasted in huge quantity. If overflow is not connected to sewerage, it affects road or street and residents of nearby area which results sometimes quarrels among some persons. Use blower in water tank and coolers
It is important to note that motor consumes electric power. More consumption or wastage of water requires more electric consumption for which we have to pay money more and increases scarcity of water as well as electric power
8. While washing vehicles e.g. car, scooter, bike etc. by pipe, lot of water is waste. Delhi Govt., so far fixed fine for it. We can clean vehicle first by duster and then with wet cloth or with help of mug. It will require very little quantity of water.
9. Village ponds/Tallabs should be used for cattle bathing. Never get them bathed by pipe at home, it should be in the field or lawn, so that the water will automatic irrigate land. Never use water for it which is supplied as drinking water. You may have not to pay for it but it costs crores rupees to govt. which is recovered through indirect taxes from the public.
10. To clean the floor, first clean it by duster (Jharu) and then by cloth….
pocha If necessary to wash, use bucket and mug but never use pipe .
11. Some people are habitual to every day to sprinkle water unnecessarily. on the street or road which is not useful to that extent. Tarkol leaves his place on space when water touches it and in regular process, the road becomes unsafely rather creates him drenches in the path and we alone are then responsible for it.
12. If one has to clean any dusty item he should first use duster and then either wash with water by mug or with wet cloth. Clean the dusty items by dry cloth or brush and then use wet cloth instead of washing
13. Use minimum, utensils in daily use. So that least water be used in their cleanliness.
14. Wear clothes more time/days so that lesser water is used in their washing.
15. When you change the drinking water in the camper or pot etc., the water already remaining in it should not be wasted. Use it for any other purpose, it can be.
you might know some more such methods or ways to save water and think that how you can stop wastage and maximum proper use of water. Save Water Save Life . Do yourself, advise your family members and to workers also.