No life without water

Water is invaluable and most important to save human life. In Sanskrit literature water is described as a synonym of life. We, in routine, waste the water mercilessly. As per a survey of the World Health Organization in 2004, more than 1000 million persons throughout the world do not get pure drinking water. According to the prediction of geologists, the water level is decreasing in the countries like America, China, India etc. and it may lead to global war. The requirement of water will increase four times approximately by 2031 creating a problem the world over. And all this is due to unplanned water consumption. One can see the quarrels between the residents in a village or slum area where water is available only through public water taps. Even the states viz. Haryana-Punjab, Karnatak-Tamilnadu, Delhi-Haryana, Keral -Tamilnadu, Maharashtra-Andhra etc. as also some nations including India and Pakistan have for long been indulging in water disputes. It is said that water is a natural gift and is available in endless quantity. It is true that water is a natural resource and can't be manufactured in any factory or lab and at the same time it is available in so huge a quantity as is sufficient for the whole world. But the water useful and necessary to save life is less than 1% of the total water available. The famous geologist Prof. Asit Biswas warns that we will require more water management in the coming two decades than during the past 200years, otherwise there will be a day in the life of coming generation that no water will be available to save life. The problem can be solved and hardships minimized by taking the following precautions in day to day life:-
1. Stop water flow from tap while shaving, tooth brushing or washing hands.
2. Never keep the tap open while not using water.
3. Use always bucket and mug while taking bath.
4. Rinse the clothes in bucket instead of in washing machine.
5. Use blower in water tank and coolers.
6. The used water during vessels cleaning etc. should be put to use to water the lawns etc. or otherwise.
7. Clean the dusty items by dry cloth or brush and then use wet cloth instead of washing it.
8. Get repaired immediately the water pipe leakage, if any.
9. Clean the floor by using duster and never wash it through pipe supply.
10. Never wash vehicles etc by using direct pipe supply.
11. Shut the running tap at public places immediately if water is being wasted.
12. Never sprinkle water unnecessarily.
13. Use the waste water of water purifier R.O.
14. Use bucket instead of pipe for watering plants.
15. Start water harvesting /recharging and store water in public tanks particularly in villages.
16. Use sprinkler system for irrigation and gardening.
17 Save traditional water resources.