River/Canal Pollution

We can save water by not making it dirty and polluted. Polluted and dirty water does not remain useful for human beings as well as for agriculture, which results in shortage and scarcity of drinking water. The reason behind it is that we throw sewerage water, industrial wastage including chemical oriented water in the rivers, which otherwise provide us fine water. The holy river Ganga, water of which was known as special one and like Amrita, now supplies polluted water. The position is the same as it relates to Yamuna, Kaveri etc. All these inhuman activities are being done in the name of development knowingly ignoring the future risk of life. It also creates several new health problems for the coming generation causing diseases including cancer.
Ganga has been declared as National River due to the efforts of Acharya Jitender. However, Ganga's pollution was noted by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. A team of saints is working for the cleanliness of Ganga and to stop the throwing of industrial & other chemicals, sewerage water and other garbages, but still it is not result oriented. The founder of Art of Lliving Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Ji has adopted and called the people for the cleanliness of Yamuna, starting work from Delhi. The time demands all the rivers should be pollution free. As per the report of United Nations, the quantity of 'leads' are more than 20 times in these rivers than the rivers of Industrial countries. Such water contains poisonous Lead (Para) and copper dangerous for human body. Indian scholar of Environmental Engineering Mr. Parsoon Chattarjee, has also worked in this field.