Water is life

We in routine, hear the slogans like 'Water is Life', 'No Water No Future', 'No Life without Water' etc. but do not pay attention to what they really mean. We think that water is available in an unending quantity. Plenty of water is available in the oceans, and it is a God gift. It is quite right that on the total surface about 71% is water which is more than sufficient. But it is noteworthy that the drinking water i.e. water to save human life is less than 1% of the total water available on the surface as per water scientists. Water neither can be manufactured in a factory nor can be prepared in a laboratory. The excessive rains bring floods which cause losses of human and cattle lives and leave behind miserable scenes to be faced. Some city becomes THER due to heavy rains and flood. At that time, we find water and only water around us, but even then we require drinking water as the flooded water cannot quench our thrust because it is either dirty or salty and so far that water is not fit to drink. People can live without food for a long period but cannot survive without water even for a short period.
In the case of non availability of water a thirsty person with his parched throat feels that he will not survive in absence of water and at that time every drop of water seems very important and valuable. Due to scarcity of water, people quarrel in streets, and localities particularly at public water post but it does not limit up to that. The different states e.g. Haryana-Punjab, Delhi-Haryana, Punjab-Rajasthan, Tamilnadu-Karnatak, Keral-Tamilnadu, Maharastra-Andhra also have clashes for water share of rivers and canals and matters are pending either before the Supreme Court of India or Central Water Tribunal. Even several countries have also disputes over water sharing. In addition to other disputes including terrorism in Bharat and Pakistan, water sharing over Ravi river is also a major issue. The Deputy Chairman of Pak Planning Commission has threatened for war several times since Jan.2010 over this issue. The matter does not even stop hereto, the Water Resources Scientists of the world have alerted and forecast that if there is a third world war, it will be for and only for water.